Entertainment is a specific form of human activity, which holds the attention of an audience and gives pleasure and excitement or else provides amusement and excitement. It may be a creative work or an artistic idea, but most often is much more likely to be one of those socially beneficial events or activities that have evolved over thousands of years specifically just for the sole purpose of holding the attention of an attentive audience. Entertainment has been crucial to our survival as a species, helping us to overcome threats to our survival such as hunger, disease, and death. This was especially true during the times when there were not so much money and other material means to buy things with and it was necessary to find ways of passing our entertainment time and pass it on to others so they could keep us entertained. Since that time entertainment has evolved greatly and there are hundreds of forms of entertainment available to anyone who wants to take a break from their everyday routine.


Many people spend most of their leisure time consuming entertainment, whether it be through movies, concerts, plays, comedy clubs, dancing, or exercising. This is important in ensuring people are healthy and active, and in maintaining productivity within work and other business related activities. It is also important to note that most people are more content at consuming entertainment when they are actively involved in the activity, and therefore, this can be seen as a good thing because people are more productive and happy while having their full attention focused on something. This focus helps to raise their IQ and general mental capability that can only be good for the whole population.

In the modern world where technology has advanced the types and kinds of entertainment available to us are as vast as the ocean. We can now choose to go for physical forms of entertainment such as gaming consoles, video games, laptops, game stations, and more. Or we can opt for more intellectual forms of entertainment such as reading books, newspapers, magazines, and watching DVDs. It is up to each individual to find out what form of entertainment he or she enjoys the most and why. After all, entertainment should be a happy and positive experience that motivates and energizes you to achieve your goals.