Packing a Instant Space Self Storage unit is one of the most difficult jobs. Not only do you have to get the units moving but you also have to ensure the safety of your items, that is not an easy task given the volatile nature of these units. If you are thinking of taking on the task yourself then there are some tips that can help give you some help packing the unit that you own.

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The first tip to bear in mind is that you should always start with the small boxes. These will contain the most fragile and valuable items. Think about storing items such as clothes or even your personal effects, this may seem obvious but it is something that many people overlook. When storing clothes always wrap them in plastic bags rather than using cardboard boxes which can break easily. You should use the same idea for any other items that you want to store in the unit. A good idea is to wrap up blankets and old towels in heavy duty plastic and place these in the bottom storage compartments.

Packing boxes in a particular order is a great way of ensuring that they are delivered to you in the same way each time. This is useful for ensuring that none of the boxes fall out of place during transit. Start placing the boxes in order from front to back and work your way down the line.

Once you have sorted your items out you need to check to see how much room you have. There are times where you need to move large boxes so it is worth having an idea before you start packing so that you know how much room you have to work with. If you know the size of box you need to get the rest of the items you need then you can budget your packing and movement around accordingly.

Having arranged the boxes correctly, you are now ready to organize them in their proper location. You will need to start lifting the largest items first. Larger items should be at the front and then the smaller ones on the back. This is not only to ensure that you do not trip over them but also to prevent you from wasting any space by storing things on the wrong side of the shelves. Once you have moved all of the boxes to their proper locations you can then work on getting them packed away.

So, if you are looking for the best way to pack a storage unit then you need to start with arranging your items. Then plan on how you are going to move them into the unit and then finally pack them away. By using these tips you should find that moving day is a lot easier than you imagined it would be!